Roadmap to Success

EAT & Be Lean has been teaching a time-tested
andproven formula for health and leanness for over 25 years. While the world has jumped from diet fad to diet fad (starting with eating less, then high protein diets, then low-carb diets and now back to eating less), EAT & Be Lean has held firm to how your body becomes healthy and lean for life! We haven’t changed, because we don’t have to. This formula is a simple step-by-step plan you will follow any time you decide you are tired of roller coaster dieting, starvation diets, popping those worthless, damaging diet pills and buying endless, costly packaged meals.

The EAT & Be Lean Success Formula has been tested, tweaked, proven and designed so that virtually anyone can generate a LEAN, HEALTHY BODY by learning what their body needs and how to provide it. Once you learn the program you will have a major advantage over pill poppers and fad dieters who are trying to make themselves healthy and lean again. Most of them have no clue how the body really works! So what does this mean?

First, by following the EAT & Be Lean formula, you will begin feeling better than you’ve felt in years and then you will start looking better than you’ve looked in years until you reach your optimum size and weight. How? It’s quite simple. By using the principles taught by EAT & Be Lean, you will have energy to spare throughout the day! You’ll learn how to create quick, nutritious, low fat, delicious meals and eat until you are COMPLETELY satisfied so your body can relax and let the fat go! Yes, your appetite will be COMPLETELY SATISFIED! Better yet, you will enjoy eating all that food with the peace of mind that your body will work 24 hours a day in your favor! This is the first part of the “Three Part Formula For Success.


This course has been invaluable to me. It is so exciting to know that there is a way to be lean and youthful without dieting. Excess weight has always been a problem and a stressor for me. It is so great to have these new tools and to know the true way to lose fat, build energy and reverse aging. In the 9 weeks I’ve been doing this program, I have felt more energetic and positive than I have in years. I am looking forward to living this program for the rest of my life and receiving the improvements to my body that will come from it.” Connie C.

People fear that if they have a disease that there are few or no alternatives or hope for reversal. They think that they must live with the on going depletion and pain that progresses from what ails them. This is not true! There is so much hope! The impossible becomes possible when you have the right information! Our “proven” philosophy is “If you can get a disease, you can get rid of the disease.”

Don’t waste time looking around for quick fixes and pill popping methods! The EAT & Be Lean program will give you access to extremely helpful information that could reverse your ill health; often happening faster than you might expect. “TIME” is the key! No need to be sick until you die! Open your eyes and ears and let the EAT & Be Lean program prime your mind to the possibilities of living strong and healthy until you simply run out of time!


I am feeling so much better! My life is SO nuts that it’s hard to do all of the things that I know I should be doing.I have been faithful on my exercise and have only missed very few days since the beginning of class. Because of lung and knee problems, I have mostly done water exercises, however, I have just started adding the stationary bike and this helps me reach my target heart rate even more. I found that once I began to eat that my hunger drives returned and I am now eating more with no weight again. If I skip a meal, I can really feel it, too. This is a program that I will continue to do. I have found that I want to change and get organized. I have a feeling of wanting to continue to improve. It’s a nice feeling for a change!” Della Mae


There’s more to being healthy than just eating, running and sleeping. What you may not know can make the difference between lasting health and slow decline. Aging doesn’t have to be miserable and pathetic until your body finally falls apart. Access to information that is proven to be natural and yet effective is critical and exciting, too

WHY DO YOU NEED OUR HELP? For many people, learning the information that makes the difference is overwhelming and too time consuming. Some don’t have time to sit and read books or go to seminars. Yet, how long would it take you to uncover critical, life saving, health restoring information through your own trial and error? If you wanted to do your own electrical work in your home, would you just start cutting wires and see what happened? No! Not only would it be foolish, but even if you didn’t get electrocuted it would take years to learn to be an electrician.

EAT & Be Lean offers a LIVE and self-paced online courses that can be experienced in the convenience of your own home on YOUR time schedule. The Course has been around for over 20 years and continues to exist because it helps, trains and educates people with the truth! With the new 5-week format, it’s inexpensive and highly informative. Why would anyone want to go it alone in this world of diet fads, health elixers and magic bullet products that just make you fatter and more obsessed with fats and sweets when there is a way to save years of lost health and countless dollars trying to achieve optimum health and leanness? We also offer the detailed 9-Week course in electronic format that can be accessed by a computer anywhere in the world.

Stop putting off great health and leanness starting right now! Join a class today and take control of your own life. Then share the good news with others.